Transparency is the fundamental element needed to build a strong community. ZoomInfo’s Code of Community is dedicated to more than just delivering the gold standard in B2B intelligence to businesses. We care deeply about making sure our customers have access to data that complies with global and domestic privacy standards. This includes CCPA in the United States and GDPR in the European Union.

ZoomInfo is ISO 27001 certified, and we take data privacy and security very seriously. We follow strict policies to ensure the data we collect complies with the latest legislation. We are also self-certified to the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks. Our data transfer processes comply with requirements from the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, as well as the United States.

While ZoomInfo has a rich and diverse B2B data portfolio, the types of data we do not process are just as significant as the data points we make available to our customers. Here is an overview of the types of information we do not process:


ZoomInfo Proactively Enables Data Privacy

We firmly believe that individuals should be in charge of their data. Our self-service Privacy Center is available 24/7 so that anyone who would like to verify, claim, update or remove their ZoomInfo profile, can do so easily. Here are some other ways we enable data privacy:

  • We publish the date the notification email was sent to the contact on their ZoomInfo profile

  • We make it easy for individuals to opt-out of our platform, with a self-service Privacy Centre

  • We make it easy for customers to see who has opted out of ZoomInfo

  • We make it easy for customers to filter out individuals on the Do Not Call list

  • We make it easy for customers to exclude their opt-out/unsubscribe lists from our platform

  • Lastly, we don’t hide behind complicated terms of services

Our best-in-class privacy practices go even further than those implemented by our peers or what is required by law. This is reflected in our algorithms, which only collect business contact information and other similar information.

Learn more about our commitment to Data Privacy

ZoomInfo Privacy Center

ZoomInfo’s Data Source Portfolio

  • Unstructured Public Information

    Our data is updated through automated machine learning, which views a variety of public information on over 28 million site domains every day. These sources include corporate websites, press releases, news articles, Security and Exchange Commission filings, job postings, and other online sources that provide information about industries, locations, revenue, and additional company attributes. Then, targeted keyword algorithms sharpen the searches while our system identifies and adds company technographic information.

    How ZoomInfo uses Unstructured Public Information:

    • Receive updates whenever personnel is added or removed from leadership webpages
    • Monitor announcements of executive promotions, company news, upcoming product launches in the news
    • Collect business contact data from individuals who list this information publicly on their website, such as lawyers or public relations professionals
    • Monitor public filings for up-to-date information on revenue, employee headcount, IPO announcements, and more
    • Identify company website source codes to learn what technologies an organization uses

Additional Resources

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