Manage Your ZoomInfo Profile

Claim your personal or company profile, request to see what data has already been collected, request to remove data, and dive into our privacy policy.

  • Verify Profile Data

    Promote your professional profile to your network, our business community, and interested parties – like recruiters – with an up-to-date profile on ZoomInfo. Update your profile with work history, contact information, and web references. Or, consolidate multiple listings into a comprehensive snapshot of your professional background.

  • Verify Company Data

    ZoomInfo is used by salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

    The ZoomInfo platform equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, lead scoring, prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. From a marketing perspective, ZoomInfo can help companies understand their ideal customers and target companies who visit their websites in real time. Recruiters can benefit by using the platform’s hyper-specific search query filters to find and reach out to the perfect passive candidate.

  • Request Access to Collected Data

    Want to learn about the data ZoomInfo has collected about you? Click the button below. Once we’ve verified your identity, you can specify the type of information you want, and we will send you a report.

  • Request Removal/Deletion from ZoomInfo (Opt-Out of Sale)

    Want to remove your existing individual profile from ZoomInfo’s database? Click the Request Removal link below. If you make this choice, all information contained in your profile will be removed and your record will become unavailable in our products as soon as possible. Removing your individual profile also serves as an opt-out of the sale of information that was contained in your profile. As a company policy, ZoomInfo does not remove company information from our search engine.

    Our full-time privacy team works tirelessly to ensure we process requests as fast as possible. In cases where your request cannot be processed through our automated Privacy Center, we’ve got you covered.

    How It Works: Click the image below for more details.

  • Privacy at ZoomInfo

    Review our Privacy Policy, gain insight into how we source data, and understand the privacy and security standards we follow.

  • Personal Information Notice

    You may have received a Notice of Personal Information Processing from ZoomInfo – as part of our global notice and choice program, we proactively send a notice of data collection of personal information to every contact with an email. This notice outlines the following:

    • Personal information we process
    • The purposes of this processing
    • The lawful basis for this collection
    • The categories of recipients of this data
    • The retention period
    • International transfer
    • Sources of personal information

    We also provide details on individuals’ rights and instructions for individuals looking to update, verify, or remove a ZoomInfo profile through our Privacy Center, along with how to reach us by email or phone with a privacy request.